Both the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) and the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) support Maryland’s House Bill 136. For the past six months drafting has been going on to come up with a bill that Gene Veno says will act as a consumer property protection bill.
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Pennsylvania experienced an intense hail storm at the end of May. The storm damage from one day in 2014 was worse than the average year of hail damage for the Keystone State. Merlin Law Group knows that insurance companies should promptly and properly respond to hail claims, but all too often we see these claims improperly adjusted. Hail damage is a peril that can cause damage blatantly obvious (every car in the parking lot was honored with a smashed windshield) or, the damage can be more discreet but still extremely harmful to property, especially with hail damage to roofs.

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Gene Veno of the American Association of Public Adjusters recently sent out an alert about a neighborhood suffering severe sinkhole damage. We often see these reports for Florida and Tennessee – but Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is now suffering from sinkhole losses. Similar to the Sunshine State, Pennsylvania is one of the top states at risk for sinkholes and sinkhole activity associated with dissolving limestone. According to William White, Penn State University emeritus professor of geochemistry, the riskiest areas for these cover-subsidence sinkholes in Pennsylvania include the limestone valleys through central Pennsylvania – around State College, and also from the Maryland line up through Harrisburg and east to Allentown and Lancaster.1

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Gene Veno, President of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, forwarded to me a new law governing public adjusters in New Jersey. The primary items of interest in the revised New Jersey statute concern public adjuster solicitation and continuing education.

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The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) testified and presented an amendment to a proposed bill before the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee yesterday. The bill was tabled to consider the proposed amendment. Gene Veno President of AAPIA made the presentation before the committee and reported that he:

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