Jim Beck, Georgia Insurance Commissioner

I had barely finished my speech with Nicole Vinson at the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA) Spring Conference this morning when news broke that Jim Beck, Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner had been indicted in a 38-count criminal complaint for a fraudulent scheme involving insurance inspections and invoices. It alleged that Beck, a former insurance company lobbyist and executive, embezzled more than $2 million, used a Christian group in the scheme, and that some of the money went to his campaign.
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Foy and Anita Taff

The Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will hold its Spring Meeting on May 14 in Atlanta. GAPIA is one of the hardest working public adjuster associations I have ever been associated with. Unfortunately, we will be without Foy Taff of Taff Claims Service.
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Anita Taff and Chip Merlin

Anita Taff and the entire GAPIA public adjuster Board of Directors should be congratulated for their success. I have the pleasure and the frustration of being in many different geographic areas where public adjuster organizations are having difficulties maintaining cohesiveness within their ranks. This is a

Rene Sigman (Head of Texas Litigation)
Larry Bache (Twin Brother to Justin Timberlake)

Insurance companies routinely argue for immunity from their wrongful actions because acts of their customers are not perfect following a loss. Policyholders are not claims specialists. Policyholders generally are not in the insurance claims business much less the civil litigation business which the insurance industry is the number one participant by far.
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Chip Merlin, Jeff Diamond, Nicole Vinson, Ellaretha Jones

Jeff Diamond is a very good insurance lawyer. I was in the audience of the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA) yesterday when Diamond gave a speech about how public adjusters can set a tone and attitude for avoiding claims disagreements which lead to lawsuits.

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I listened carefully to a speech, Point/Counter Point – Update on Appraisal and Insurable Interest Principles of Property Insurance Procedures for the Public Adjuster, given by attorneys Jeffrey Diamond and Wayne Taylor last Tuesday at the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring Conference. Taylor commented that it is unnecessary to file a lawsuit to appoint an umpire. He merely sends a letter to a judge and asks for an umpire to be appointed.

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