The Louisiana Department of Insurance has taken the extraordinary step of filing an administrative action against a Texas-based law firm. I have been working in the first-party insurance claims business for over forty years. I have never seen anything like this.  

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Insurance fraud is always wrong. It is especially wrong when the insurance company is defrauding its own customer. The American Policyholder Association (APA) has taken a bold step by hiring experienced insurance fraud investigators to review and investigate actions by insurance companies that are wrongful and fraudulent.
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The same contractor that brought the RICO action against insurers allegedly “zeroing out” insurance claims before conducting investigations has filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against a law firm that represented an insurer alleging fraud and misrepresentation committed by the contractor.1 The introduction to the malicious prosecution lawsuit filed this month states:
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Florida insurance companies have been notorious for increasing rates and filing news articles at the start of legislative sessions that support their legislative propaganda efforts. The typical scapegoats are lawyers and contractors. Somebody from the Attorney General’s office and newspaper reporters should call the lawyers for a contractor regarding a complaint1 filed and follow with an investigation about a lawsuit which states:
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“Please do this, tell us that and please send us these documents.” Every day I hear this from potential clients, public adjusters representing policyholders, and restoration contractors asking what they have to do and provide. I often end up litigating the same issues in court. Insurance companies often leave the “please” out of the never-ending letters they send following a loss demanding information before paying money. Many insurance company adjusters seem a lot more allegedly concerned about thoroughly investigating a loss than they do about providing prompt payment.
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Steve Badger and I had a rematch debate yesterday at the TAPIA Conference in Kerrville, Texas.1 There were some topics that we agreed were “juicy,” with attorneys getting unilateral agreements for umpire appointments and other Texas attorneys winning cases and then being arrested. But I came across a pleading in a Florida lawsuit where Tower Hill claimed all kinds of fraud against a contractor and a “juicy” counterclaim was filed by the contractor against Tower Hill entities, its CEO and US Forensics.
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Memorial Day usually finds millions of Americans traveling all over our great country. It is important that over this weekend, all of us take time to remember and reflect on the greatest sacrifice many made so we can enjoy our liberties. If your property burns down under suspicious circumstances, you may also want to remember and reflect on where you were and your activities as well because the insurance company claims representatives will be curious.
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The new property insurance tactic to avoid payment and thereby delay or deny appraisal is to claim that the policyholder asked for too much and the claimed amount is fraudulent. A Florida case, American Capital Assurance Corporation v Leeward Bay at Tarpon Bay Condominium Association,1 which will be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court, will eventually decide these issues.
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My Red Bank colleague, Dan Ballard, and I recently gave a presentation about Misrepresentations & Mistakes at the 2020 Fall Conference of the Professional Public Adjusters Association of New Jersey (PPAANJ). During that presentation, I discussed New York case law providing that a homeowners insurance policy may be voided if the insured willfully and fraudulently places in the proof of loss a statement of property lost which the insured did not possess, or places a false and fraudulent value upon the articles which the insured did not own.
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