The economic slowdown has many concerned about job security. This is also happening in the insurance claims business. Bob Hartwig, President of the Insurance Information Institute, gave a speech at the Property Insurance Loss Research Bureau Annual Claims Conference explaining that there has been a sharp decline in the amount of claims positions, as indicated in a published story by Claims Magazine, Claim Adjusters Hit Hardest by P&C Employment Drop:

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One of the more interesting aspects of my job as an advocate for policyholders is learning from non attorneys what insurance products mean at the point of sale and how they are supposed to work after the loss. This may seem a little curious to many, but if you think about it, why would anybody trust a judge’s ruling on a medical malpractice case to explain how to practice medicine? Judges are not trained in insurance. Attorneys who say they practice insurance recovery law, but learn insurance coverage and practice only by reading legal cases are too arrogant and ignorant to be in it for the policyholder. Maybe those types of attorneys can find their way to the insurer’s employ, so my job is made easier.

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Coinsurance penalties are the last thing policyholders worry about following a loss. My experience has been that many field adjusters fortunately do not go through the costly calculations to accurately determine if a structure is underinsured. Thus, the penalties from being underinsured do not arise as often as they could.

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