Practicing law and practicing adjustment are two different things. Some attorneys arrogantly think they know more about insurance because they understand insurance law. They often have no clue what they are talking about or understand what is going on in the insurance claims office. One significant part of understanding insurance and insurance claims handling for attorneys, whether policyholder or insurance company counsel, is to understand the training, management and day to day activities of adjusters. Thinking that an attorney is skilled in insurance because he can read, write and understand insurance cases and statutes is akin to thinking that an attorney can be skilled in surgery because he can read, write and understand medical malpractice cases.

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Following yesterday’s post, Claims Jobs are Disappearing and One Suggestion for Insurance Career Safety, I received a number of private emails concerning my note that insurance adjusting was a “noble” business. I also had a number of public adjusters asking about and reminding me of the certifications offered by NAPIA for public adjusters. These private emails deserve some attention and highlights.

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Career insurance adjusters are important to society. The adjuster’s job is difficult because it requires the ability to work well with other people, knowledge, and technical skills. It is a trade where experience can teach much more than any book or course. Most well meaning and experienced insurance claim adjusters get their customers’ claims paid without hassle and in a spirit of cooperation–sometimes well beyond the actual policy terms and conditions.

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