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The Protection Gap in Property Insurance—Why Nobody Should Buy Farmers Smart Plan Insurance

Gaps in Insurance coverage are an increasingly significant issue. The Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility and the Rutgers Law School will hold a conference on The Protection Gap in Property Insurance, on Friday, March 29. This conference will address the protection gap in residential and commercial property losses and related types of losses in the … Continue Reading

My neighbor had coverage, so why was I denied?

A common theme I have noticed lately is the tendency of homeowners, having just weathered a major natural disaster, to compare their ability to recover insurance proceeds to that of their neighbors. Wondering if you can recover alternative living expenses? Curious to know if you can recover for your sewage back-up claim? Rather than looking … Continue Reading

More Money for Less Coverage

In Florida, you can rely on three things with certainty—death, taxes, and high property insurance premiums. The reason for the latter is the subject of an intense debate that plays itself out in the halls of Tallahassee and on the editorial pages of our leading newspapers. I will not rehash the debate; our blog archives … Continue Reading

Florida Supreme Court Says Ambiguities in Policy Language Are To Be Construed in Favor of the Policyholder and Coverage Without Considering Extrinsic Evidence

The words on the page of the insurance policy matter and are very important to both parties to the agreement. Since the insurance company drafts the policy, if there is any ambiguity in the terms it writes and selects, ambiguity and interpretation will be resolved in the policyholder’s favor and in favor of coverage. However, … Continue Reading

Appraisal May be Appropriate in New York, Even if There Are Coverage Issues

Insurance claims people handling first party property insurance claim appraisals in New York may be experiencing responses from insurance carriers informing them appraisal is inappropriate because there are coverage issues involved in the claim. Some are getting this response even where partial payment has been made on the claim. If that is your case, you … Continue Reading

Southern California Braces for More Strong Winds; Damage to Structure Interiors May Not Be Covered

Two weeks ago, Southern California experienced unusually strong Santa Ana winds which brought gusts up to 140 mph in some places. Southern Californians, particularly in the Pasadena area, were forced to clean up debris left by the storm. A staggering 18,000 tons of debris was cleaned up in Pasadena, which is the city’s normal total … Continue Reading

Insurance Agents, Brokers and Risk Managers Have to Spend Enough Time Studying the Specifics of Coverage to Prevent Uninsured Losses

Gaps in coverage and uninsured losses occur for a number of reasons. Most policyholders are not in the insurance business. They have a very limited understanding of the product they are buying and how risks they face may be insured. In Property Insurance Resolutions for 2010, which follows Concerns and Resolutions for Property Risk Management in … Continue Reading

Matching Lawsuit and Order that Makes the Policyholder’s Point

The Minnesota Attorney General had enough of insurance companies failing to live up to the promise of putting policyholders back into the same position they were before the loss. Currently, the situation is the same throughout the nation, where insurers say they will do one thing, but have their attorneys argue out of the bargain … Continue Reading

Nationwide Insurance Commercial Customers Should Check Their Policies for Dependent Property Lost Income Coverage

Some insurance policies have small print that can provide significant business income benefits under "dependent properties" that usually go unnoticed following a widespread catastrophe. I would encourage Nationwide and Nationwide agents to write, advertise and call their Hurricane Ike and other commercial policyholder customers about these valuable benefits because it is obvious to me that … Continue Reading

Insurance Agents and Policyholders Need to Communicate and Share Information to Get Coverage Right

A recent Louisiana decision, Isidore Newman School v. J. Everett Eaves Inc., No. 2008-1368, 2009 La. App LEXIS 1469 (La. App. 4 Cir., Aug 5, 2009), underscores the need for insurance agents and policyholders to fully discuss insurance needs when selecting types and amounts of coverage. Insurance agents generally have a duty to exercise reasonable … Continue Reading