Boating provides a great deal of pleasure to millions of Americans. Spring is here, and the horrible winter weather will be getting better for all of us to enjoy time on the water. For those that own boats, my bet is that you have not read your marine insurance policy covering your boat. I will bet you an additional nickel that you have no clue whether your boat insurance policy has boilerplate language, which requires your boat to be behind a secured fence if the boat is on a trailer or lift. 

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Amy Bach of United Policyholders has a feel for the pulse of property insurance coverage trends that impact policyholders throughout the United States. She has a seat at the table with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) when discussing topics impacting insurance consumers. I was fascinated with the content of her speech at the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Annual Conference yesterday. If there is a macro view of the current coverage trend in standard insurance property insurance, it has to be one of shrinkage and fewer benefits for policyholders while insurance rates increase.
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The California and Colorado wildfires are the most recent natural disasters to highlight the pervasive underinsurance problem. United Policyholders has been in the forefront pushing an agenda to end this problem. But there continues to be push back from the insurance industry about making products and practices which will correct the problem.
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The insurance-to-value questions and concerns of underinsurance come up every time an insurance agent selling property insurance makes an application or oversees a renewal of a property insurance policy. Bill Wilson is an experienced insurance agent and insurance agent educator. When he talks insurance, those of us in the insurance business should listen.
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