This blog has followed the procedure and politics behind the departure of Kevin McCarty as Florida’s Insurance Commissioner. Commissioner McCarty has been a wonderful servant to the people of Florida. More specifically, he has been an excellent insurance commissioner under very difficult circumstances.

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I am using this blog to get the word our to all persons in Texas who care about working Texans and Texas businesses who pay insurance premiums every day. Please read below from Alex Winslow of Texas Watch and please go on the Texas Watch website and oppose this type of policy. I emailed Alex and asked for a copy of the proposed policy, but guess what? Nobody except TDI has a copy, and TDI won’t share it based on some goofy theory of proprietary protection to the anonymous insurance company, who submitted it for approval. And Winslow thinks TDI will have a decision within the next few weeks. Therefore, TDI will decide on a new policy form that will completely change to rights of Texas policyholders (to their detriment) (a) without the public knowing which carrier submitted it, (b) without the public having an opportunity to see the policy form before it is approved, and (c) without the public having an opportunity to comment at hearing or otherwise before the form is approved.

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I wish I didn’t have to write this blog. I say that because although we are the Policyholder’s Advocate, and I’d rather blog about policy issues, case law, and statutes—not about impartiality or fraud regarding a government agency’s handling of the Sandy Review Process. However, these topics are pertinent to the field of law and Merlin Law Group likes to keep you informed on all variables and challenges your claim may face.

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In this day of lawyer Internet advertising, policyholders should carefully consider the lawyers they select. Most of my policyholder lawyer colleagues I have met and worked with over the years doing this type of property insurance litigation are hard-working and ethical. But some other law firms that rely heavily on advertising utterly fail, and cause harm to policyholders rather than help them.

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Speeches are significant, especially ones where courage is important to say what is really going on in the world. On Wednesday, I will be giving a speech about Texas attorneys using runners to obtain property insurance claims to the Texas Department of Insurance in Austin, Texas. Many of the stories and examples are from Texas public adjusters who have arrangements with Texas attorneys to act as runners for them to obtain clients.

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My colleague Denise Sze recently blogged about the Butte and Valley wildfires. More than 5,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Indeed, many residents face a painful road to recovery.

Last week, to increase the speed of the recovery process for wildfire victims, California Insurance Commissioner Jones obtained agreements from several insurance companies to adopt various claims handling reforms.

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On November 9, 2015 at 11am, CAPIA renews its fight against Senate Bill 488 after the bill turned into a two year bill earlier this year. CAPIA will hold an informative membership general meeting to discuss the bill and reach out to all public adjusters to invite and encourage input into the needs of the consumer from 11am to 2pm at Maggiano’s Little Italy, located at South Coast Plaza, 3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, California 92626.

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