State Farm has apparently made a significant push in manpower and communications regarding the adjustment of claims in Louisiana and Texas. It takes thousands of adjusters and sufficient communications to get the job done promptly.  Delay caused State Farm’s old claims mantra under Frank Haines–"pay neither a penny more nor less"–has no place in the claims process, especially following a catastrophe. Good luck to the company with the "Good Neighbor" slogan. Many of my policyholder colleagues simply hate when I say anything nice about State Farm or any other insurance company. I appreciate that, especially if they feel that they have been wronged by insurance company adjusters or attorneys.

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Our firm has a videotape somewhere in our library of a former State Farm adjuster that was known as a Claim Re-inspector.  He is now a public adjuster in Tennessee, still very religious, and a person I run into at conferences once in a while.  Every time I hear the term “claim leakage,” I think of him, the role he played at State Farm, why he left after being “pegged” for management, and his videotape.

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