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How can a policyholder report a loss that the policyholder does not know of? Do any property insurance policies require the policyholder to inspect the insured property on a daily or routine basis, looking for evidence of a loss? Do any property insurance executives climb on their own roofs and look for damage following a thunderstorm or hailstorm? 

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The American Policyholders Association Board of Advisors meeting resulted in me writing two blogs today. While Doug Quinn was explaining a program providing whistleblowers an avenue to report illegal claims activity, which I noted in Are You an Employee in the Insurance Industry Who Is Upset About Unethical and Illegal Claims Activity?, the information about Citizens Property Insurance claims adjusters systemically backdating letters for about two months caught my attention.

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Florida’s leader in tough claims handling and policyholder abuse is Citizens Property Insurance. It is immune from accountability to Florida Statutes regarding wrongful claims handling conduct. Like a thief with no laws against robbery, Citizens can do what it wants and not be liable to the victim. Now, Citizens Property wants more protection from accountability to contract obligations by sending its claims disputes to Florida’s administrative courts.
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For some reason, one of my favorite non-insurance-related classes in law school was none other than constitutional law. Although the field of constitutional law is one that I enjoy reading and learning about, it is not often that first-party property insurance overlaps with constitutional law issues.
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A recent Florida case shows why it is important to obtain information from those doing the repair and mitigation efforts following a loss.1 This is now a very common claims scenario where the home or business sustains water damage following a storm, and the insurance company obtains an engineering report that says the storm did not cause the water intrusion.
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Nancy Dominguez of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters provided a little public records Christmas gift. The Citizens Managed Network Vendor Program Best Claims Practice & Estimating Guidelines are attached as exhibit B to the Contractor Managed Repair Program contract between Citizens Property Insurance and Crawford & Company.
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The Citizens Property Insurance claims management provided a number of reports to the Citizens Board of Governors yesterday. For readers of this blog and policyholders who want to know what Citizens thinks of its claims handling, I suggest that you read the various reports which I have attached to this post.1
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