Last November, I wrote a post, A Chance For Mississippi Courts To Get It Right, about a very important case that will be argued before the Mississippi Supreme Court next Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at 1:30 p.m. I know many must think that justice sometimes moves at a snail’s pace because six months have passed since I first wrote about the case and we are only arguing the appeal. Corban v USAA is important to all Mississippi policyholders, and the arguments can be watched live over the Internet.

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Since last May, just before we opened our Houston office, I have been reviewing and pondering causation and burdens of proof found in Texas insurance cases. While writing yesterday’s post regarding sinkhole coverage cases, I came across two Florida cases that demonstrate Florida’s view that policyholders truly have minimal proof requirements coverage under all-risk property insurance policies. Texas insurance case law does not follow this majority view. I will explain how they are different in two posts. Today will focus on Florida law. Tomorrow, I will provide Texas case examples and some practical suggestions so Texas policyholders do not get surprised at trial. I figure the insurance company adjusters and attorneys do not need any more help, so they get no suggestions.

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