Policyholders do not study all the forms available for coverage, nor do they typically understand how policies can be tailored to provide better coverage through endorsements. In a recent blog about soft costs under a builders risk policy, Builders Risk Insurance and Soft Costs Claims, I noted the importance of selecting an experienced insurance agent that knows the builders risk area with great expertise:
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What “soft costs” of a construction project are covered in a builders risk insurance claim is a frequent question posed. For policyholders, contractors, and those about to undergo a construction project, one of the most important actions to take is retaining an insurance agent who is well versed with construction builders risk policies because the amounts of coverage, especially for the soft costs, can vary widely from various forms of insurance available on the market.
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Most commercial property owners pay hefty premiums in return for commercial property insurance, often times in the form of an “all-risk” insurance policy. “All-risk” policies provide coverage for all covered losses unless otherwise expressly excluded by the insurer in the policy.
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In Pennsylvania, construction is only able to continue for emergency repairs, construction of health care facilities, and for a select few companies that have been able to attain a waiver. In fact, Pennsylvania is the only state to shut down all active public and private construction sites.1
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Last year, my learned colleague, Shaun Marker, wrote a series of blogs on the ongoing litigation between El-Ad 250 West LLC and Zurich over Superstorm Sandy flood damage and delays in construction under a builders’ risk policy. You can read his articles here.

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In honor of the first place Kansas City Royals, I thought I’d share a Missouri case I recently found. I fell in love with the Royals as a little kid when the great George Brett came to my school. Drury Company v. Missouri United School Insurance Counsel,1 also involves a school district and an occurrence in October. A Sub-Contractor won summary judgment even though it was not listed as an insured on the policy. Since the Royals are all about winning too, here it is:

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Builders risk policies for large projects can be complex and the scope of loss stemming from them can be difficult to measure. But what if a loss causes damage to property that pushes back the date of completion for the project? There could be coverage under the delay in completion policy form or endorsement.

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If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to
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Puttin’ on the Ritz

               – Irving Berlin

I primarily work in the firm’s Tampa office, however earlier this week I braved the cold weather and traveled to our Red Bank, New Jersey office. Our firm represents numerous policyholders whose homes and businesses were damaged as a result of the wind and floods associated with Hurricane Sandy. If you are not familiar with Red Bank, our office is conveniently located across the street from a Marriott hotel where I stayed during my visit. During dinner one night I was discussing with Chip Merlin and Ashley Smith, who also were in Red Bank for a few days, how the Marriott operates and franchises hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton.

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