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The insurance industry never rests when it comes to lobbying and politics. The Florida Insurance Council has a new leader who used to be its old leader. Insurance lobbyist Cecil Pearce has taken over the reigns from Guy Marvin. Here is a little about Pearce from the press release:

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Free enterprise is great until your competitors beat you. Dominant competitors may find it advantageous to combine interests to prevent new players from entering markets, destroying profit margins, and taking market share. It is amazing that there has not been more investigation and calls for transparency into the major personal lines insurance companies’ discussions and agreements which may reveal such a conspiracy. While anti-trust exemptions exist for insurance companies regarding sharing of loss data for rate making and other rate or form issues, there are no anti-trust exemptions for agreements that otherwise restrain trade and competition through collusion.

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Mississippi State Senator David Baria admitted that his proposed legislative bill of rights for policyholders is “dead.” Mississippi S.B. 2196 would have eliminated anticoncurrent causation exclusionary language from property insurance policies. The Mississippi Senate Insurance Committee failed to act on the bill, thereby killing any attempt to enact a bill of rights.

Unlike other states,