The insurance industry never rests when it comes to lobbying and politics. The Florida Insurance Council has a new leader who used to be its old leader. Insurance lobbyist Cecil Pearce has taken over the reigns from Guy Marvin. Here is a little about Pearce from the press release:

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All adjusters, whether company, independent, or public, have significant ethical obligations in Florida. Indeed, these adjusters even have an obligation to turn each other into the Department of Financial Services. The failure to do so is, by itself, a breach of the adjuster’s ethical obligations:

(g) An adjuster shall promptly report to the Department any conduct by any licensed insurance representative of this state which violates any provision of the Insurance Code or Department rule or order.

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There are two active lawsuits with very good attorneys representing public adjusters who are challenging the 48 hour solicitation ban and the fee caps. The first one was filed in Miami-Dade County, as I reported in Florida Public Adjusters File Lawsuit to Overturn 48 Hour Solicitation Ban and Fee Caps. The second lawsuit challenging only the solicitation ban was filed in Leon County, as I reported in Second Public Adjuster Constitutional Solicitation Ban Challenge Filed. The later filed lawsuit seems to be moving along quicker; the first lawsuit has been delayed by a fight about venue.

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Why do so many of our politicians play to the lobbyists and support laws that harm the average person and voter? This is exactly what has happened with important laws sponsored by the insurance industry lobbyists and then proposed by Florida Senator Mike Bennett of Bradenton and Representative Bill Proctor of St. Augustine. These politicians and other Florida political leaders have sponsored a law that would allow insurance companies to raise the rates of Florida policyholders as much as they want. Indeed, the law they support allows for insurance companies to collude with each other, since it calls for the complete deregulation of rates. As the insurance industry is exempt from anti-trust regulation, based on a bargain it made with the federal government in which it agreed to state regulation of rates, the insurers would be legally exempt from all regulation. Is this stupid or what? Do the Florida political leaders supporting this law think people will be happy when their rates go up 100% in a couple of years, or is this just a payback to the insurance industry and their lobbyists funding certain political action committee dollars? Or, giving them the benefit of the doubt, do they really understand the issue?

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Dan Luby of the Florida Insurance News forwarded a Blog, Alex Sink’s Cold War with the Insurance Commissioner, by Gary Fine regarding a possible “riff” between Alex Sink and Kevin McCarty. I find this curious because the two of them are leading consumer advocates for policyholders. I have never found Bill McCollum, Sink’s opponent for Florida Governor next year to be a supporter of policyholders. He is clearly the insurance industry’s candidate. Yet, the Blog noted:

“Interestingly enough, Attorney General Bill McCollum – and Sink’s likely rival for the governor’s office in 2010 – praised McCarty’s report, saying that Floridians should be "very pleased" with the amount of surplus lines coverage since it has helped decrease the need to have commercial coverage picked up by state-created insurers.”

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Don’t you think Madoff would agree that society should throw a financial swindler in jail? I imagine most insurance executives think there should be consequences if they do the same thing. Shouldn’t they agree that claims management practices which intentionally underpay must be punished by law as a matter of public policy? Who would not agree–unless you were part of a system that wanted cheating of policyholders to be "business as usual?"

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Alex Sink, Florida’s CFO and candidate for Governor in 2010, was the keynote speaker at the 2009 Summer Conference of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) yesterday.

Sink has not failed in her job as CFO and has an excellent chance to become Florida’s next governor. Her opponent in the race, Bill McCollum, seems to be the darling of the insurance industry. Sink, on the other hand, is setting out a course as a champion for consumers.

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