Unfortunately, there are times in all of our lives when we need to call on our insurance company to help out. This is often the worst times in our lives. It is a time in need where we expect the people who say they are going to help, to help. In reality, this doesn’t always happen. With the MLB all star game, Olympics, NBA finals, and much more going on in the past weeks, it got me thinking about all of those valuables that we loved as kids. We’ve all had friends growing up who “just got this cool new rookie card.” I remember spending time with my friends gawking over each other’s sports card collections and making trades to get that perfect card, or that perfect set of cards that you’ve been working towards. As those children grow older, the collections sometimes gets larger, more expensive, and more cherished. So, naturally I started thinking about how these collections get taken care of in a catastrophe.
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It’s been a few months since we endured Winter Storm Uri. The storm had people stranded in the cold with no electricity, heat, or running water. Families were huddling around each other for warmth in parked cars and boiling water in their homes to drink. At the time of the storm, much of the focus was on the electric grid of Texas and why the infrastructure failed us in a time of need. Now, as claims come in, we are seeing an abundance of damage that is left unrepaired, unresolved, and overall unappreciated.
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Over the past few days, many enjoyed watching what’s been dubbed March Madness. The 64-team college basketball tournament usually draws a massive and lucrative following. People who don’t allocate any time watching basketball during the year will often time tune in to watch all of the madness that March has to offer.
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It has been a chilling sight over the past week in Texas. While not going into work may seem cool, it was the cold that kept everyone from going anywhere. It all started in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. At least six people died and dozens were taken to hospitals after an accident involving more than 100 vehicles on a Fort Worth interstate. A pileup that was the most staggering of the crashes that dotted ice-slicked roads across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.1
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Insurance is your safety net. It is a contract made between you and your insurance company guaranteeing that, if anything were to happen to you, the agreed safety net will be provided. Insurance companies have a right to investigate the legitimacy of claims. However, insurance companies in Texas cannot reject legitimate claims, misrepresent policy terms, or engage in other specific “bad acts.”
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Ejusdem generis is a Latin phrase that roughly translates as “of the same kind, class, or nature.” Its use is similar to that of noscitur a sociis,1 in that it usually involves a list of terms, but in this case one that ends in a catch-all category. Whether a particular object or event not specifically referenced in that list is subject to the exclusionary function of the listing depends on its similarity to the other items in the listing.2
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