In Florida, you can rely on three things with certainty—death, taxes, and high property insurance premiums. The reason for the latter is the subject of an intense debate that plays itself out in the halls of Tallahassee and on the editorial pages of our leading newspapers. I will not rehash the debate; our blog archives are full of articles on that subject. However, I want to highlight an article in the Sun-Sentinel I recently came across: Insurers widening lists of things they won’t cover.

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You cannot make this stuff up. Anyone who reads this blog knows how frustrated I get with the insurance industry’s constant complaints that “[Fill in the Blank] is responsible for rising premiums.” The [Fill in the Blank] is always something different depending on what year it is—sinkholes, water claims, fraud, trial lawyers, hurricanes, reinsurance, political instability, public adjusters.

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I made a big announcement yesterday. If you are readers of this blog, I am sure it did not come as a surprise. I am throwing my hat into the ring for the Florida House of Representatives! Although we came up a bit short in 2014, I am confident that we will come out on top this time with your help! My announcement is pasted below.

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Since the 2016 Florida Legislative Session began in January, this blog has been following two topics very closely: Appraisal/Umpires and Assignment of Benefits. Although the door has not completely closed on possible Assignment of Benefits, it appears that there will be no action taken on the Appraisal/Umpire bills.

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I was surprised when I first saw the Sun-Sentinel article, Citizens files request for 72-hour deadline to report loss. The more I read and thought about the article the angrier I became. As I have written in the past, Florida policyholders continue to pay the highest property insurance rates in the country despite the fact that no serious hurricane has hit the state in years.1

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In October of last year I wrote a blog on the Florida Legislature’s efforts to alter the laws regarding Assignment of Benefits.Since that time, there have been some changes to the bills (House Bill 1097 and Senate Bill 596) as originally drafted. In particular, Senate Bill 596 underwent some significant changes just this week. The new bill can be viewed in its entirety here.

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