Texas water loss claims from a non-hurricane event are going to be historic. I have lived in Texas my entire life and this statewide catastrophe is a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. Texas is a mess right now. The system has failed its residents. The energy capital of the USA can’t keep residents clean, warm, or informed because for many, there is no water, electricity, or WiFi/cable.
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Hurricane Harvey victims along the Gulf Coast continue to fight for proper claims treatment from Texas Windstorm Insurance Association—better known as TWIA. On August 27, 2018, KPRC Channel 2 News Houston profiled the ongoing problems property owners are facing with their TWIA claims.

KPRC Channel 2 News Houston interviewed me as part of its ongoing


  • Make sure to assess your property for hazards and safety issues such as fallen trees, downed power lines, electrical outlets or wires submerged in water, broken gas lines, debris, or broken glass. Don’t turn on the electricity if your home was flooded. Call an electrician before turning the power on and/or your electric company. Don’t turn on the gas if you have a broken gas line. Don’t turn on the electricity if you have a broken gas line.
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There are many rumors going around about House Bill 1774, better known as “The Hail Bill” or “The Blue Tarp Bill,” which will go into effect on September 1, 2017. It is important to debunk those rumors and explain exactly what the bill means to Texas policyholders and their rights in this state.
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