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TAPIA 2016: Come See “Fresh Perspectives On Claim Preparation/Preparing Files For Litigation Success”

TAPIA’s Fall 2016 Conference returns this week to San Antonio’s Menger Hotel. All Texas public adjusters should come join in the education, networking, and fun! In addition to all the other informative presentations, Evan Wolfe and I will present “Fresh Perspectives on Claim Preparation/Preparing Files For Litigation Success” on Thursday.… Continue Reading

A Call To Action: Be Part Of The Solution

If you’ve ever received an email from me, you know I try to inspire people with the tag line under my signature: “Make a difference today.” This post no doubt reaches a wider audience than my email. We need to make a difference, together, today and every day. Those within the property damage insurance industry … Continue Reading

Do We Need Better Building Codes, or Better Enforcement?

I got a call this morning from a public adjuster wanting to discuss building code coverage.1 In doing some research for her, I came across an article advocating more stringent building codes: Marking 10 Years Since Katrina, Consumer Agency Calls For Stiffer Building Codes. Considering the article in connection to recent conversations I’ve had with … Continue Reading

Is Bigger Always Better?

I am proud that I was born and raised in Texas. Being from here I hear all the talk about “everything is bigger in Texas.” Recently, I’ve participated in spirited Internet forum debates and attended a few contractor seminars, and each event found us addressing issues surrounding the merits of being a “bigger contracting company” … Continue Reading

Hailstorm/Windstorm Claims? Challenges For The Policyholder? Two Points Going Hand-In-Hand These Days

If you are a Public Adjuster or Roofing Contractor working in the property damage insurance claim industry, you no doubt have been seeing more and more hailstorm/windstorm claims in recent years. In researching some of the many issues surrounding these claims for my presentation at the recent Windstorm Insurance Conference, several challenges seemed to consistently … Continue Reading

Come See Me at the 16th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference, 1/19-22, The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans

Along with many of my Merlin Law Group colleagues, I will be attending the Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans January 19-22, 2015. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you likely already know that the annual Windstorm Insurance (WIND) Conference provides a forum for review and discussion of … Continue Reading

Multiple Claims Against Same Carrier? Same Line Items Denied? Consider a Mass Action: Aggregate Litigation Series

If you are a public adjuster or roofing contractor, you may help multiple policyholders – in same area, with the same carrier – after a natural disaster. If your policyholder clients are getting the same line items denied in claim after claim – or inconsistent payments/denials regarding the same line items – consider filing Mass … Continue Reading

Homeowners’ Credit Rating Can Make Insurance Premiums Significantly Higher

Often without being aware, many policyholders could be paying more for their homeowners insurance than their neighbors, even if both properties maintain identical coverage with the same insurance carrier. How could this be true, you might ask? A recent study reports that homeowners with poor credit typically pay 91% more for homeowners’ insurance than people … Continue Reading

Does Vacancy Preclude Coverage, Even If Not Related to Cause Of Loss? – Texas Coverage Series

The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled that a vacancy clause remained enforceable by the insurance carrier to preclude coverage in a homeowner’s claim, even though the vacancy played no role in the cause of loss. In Greene v. Farmers Insurance Exchange,1 the Court found in favor of the insurance carrier with analysis that the case … Continue Reading

Can You Sign a Policyholder Release, but Reserve Claims for Additional Damages? – Texas Coverage Series

In a case recently decided in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, the trial court granted summary judgment in the insurance carrier’s favor regarding the policyholder’s lawsuit seeking "additional damages" in a commercial policy fire loss.1 This blog post discusses the court’s ruling, and then addresses points that policyholders should … Continue Reading

In Texas, When Can Umbrella Carriers Deny Coverage?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, my colleagues and I assisted many clients with significant losses that triggered Umbrella Coverage.1 In some instances, we assisted clients facing losses that went into second-layer of Umbrella Coverage. Other than the scenario of paying out policy limits and triggering another layer of Umbrella Coverage, when can an Umbrella … Continue Reading

As Earthquake Risk Rises, Policyholder Coverage Declines – Oklahoma Coverage Series

With a major earthquake recently hitting California, it seemed an appropriate time to revisit earthquake insurance coverage issues. A report indicates that earthquake risks are rising in the U.S., but fewer homeowners nationally say they have earthquake insurance. This creates a potentially huge gap in coverage, according to the Insurance Information Institute.1… Continue Reading

What Are Homeowners’ Post-Loss Duties In Texas? – Texas Coverage Series

In a case recently decided in Texas, the insurance carrier prevailed against the policyholder when the appellate court found that the policyholder failed to adhere to its post-loss duties under a homeowner’s insurance policy.1 This blog entry examines the facts and holdings in the hope policyholders and professionals assisting them can avoid facing a similar … Continue Reading