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Michael T. Buonocore focuses his practice of law in first party property damage cases and bad faith insurance litigation. He is a former plaintiff’s personal injury attorney of Seigel Law, LLC in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Michael is also formerly an insurance defense attorney from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. He uses the experience gained while working as both a defense and plaintiff’s lawyer to be a zealous advocate for those who were cheated by their insurance companies from the monies and compensation they deserve.

What exactly is a Named Windstorm? Many policyholders ask this very question following hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, and other storms with high winds. A New Jersey Appellate panel recently questioned parties about the purpose of a “named windstorm” definition in insurance policies. This is just the most recent update to the continued saga of New Jersey Transit’s attempt to receive $400 million in insurance coverage under their policies with Lloyd’s of London and other insurance companies stemming from a Superstorm Sandy loss.
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Recently, my fiancé and I watched the Season 3 premier of Divorce on HBO. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure. I admit, at first, I was hesitant when my fiancé recommended I watch. But, one episode in and I was hooked. It’s funny, witty, snarky, and overall relatable for many people. If you haven’t watched this show yet, I recommend it. Albeit, HBO has now announced this is the final season of the show so try and not get too attached.
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Every state has laws that prohibit unfair, discriminatory, or deceptive insurance practices. These regulations are normally encompassed as statutes or regulations enacted to protect insurance consumers. Pennsylvania has a statute enacted called the “Unfair Insurance Practices Act,”1 This law gives the consumer the right to file complaints against their insurance company to be investigated by the Insurance Department. However, this statute specifically prohibits a private cause of action against insurance companies by the public.
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Lately, much of the United States have seen wild swings of severe weather. From the mid 70’s on Saturday to 47 degrees and an inch of rain on Monday, severe weather can wreak havoc on your home. With torrential rains and flash flood in most parts of the Northeast recently, many find themselves asking: my house has suffered water damage, am I covered?
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Maryland suffers from a wide breadth of property damage claims. Most notably, floods, fires, and storm surges. Maryland residents should always be mindful of their property insurance policy and the coverage it affords and the potential perils that are excluded. If you believe you have suffered a covered loss that your insurance company is denying, delaying or acting in bad faith, you may wish to file a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration.
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New Jersey suffers from a wide breadth of property damage claims. The most common of them being flood, fire, frozen and/or burst pipes, water damage from appliance leaks and damage from storms. New Jersey residents should always be mindful of their homeowners insurance policy and the protections it affords and coverage that is excluded.
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On January 30, 2019, New Jersey residents suffered a tremendous loss. Marcal Paper, in Elmwood Park, New Jersey on the edge of Route 80, burned to the ground. Along with it, 80 years of a family owned business, jobs, community, and an iconic sign that lit up Route 80 were lost.
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This time of year, the northeast of the United States starts to feel insufferably cold, followed up by winter storms which can dump anywhere from an inch to three feet of snow at a time. The snow can be a welcomed arrival in winter as it brings snow days, sleigh riding and joy. It can also signal the beginning of a damming experience; ice damming that is.
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Recently, I presented at the Professional Public Adjusters Association of New Jersey educational conference on the area of insurance appraisal to roughly 30 public adjusters. During my preparation, I reviewed current and past appraisal provisions contained within standard insurance policies. In my research, I found some very interesting differences contained within insurance policy appraisal provisions concerning three key terms: competent, disinterested and impartial.
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In a recent unpublished Appellate Division case in New Jersey,1 AIG was held not responsible for a wig and beauty distributor’s business loss claim. Beauty Plus, a wholesale distributor of human hair wigs and other beauty products had a shipment of 487 cartons of human hair wigs stolen from their Moonachie, New Jersey, warehouse back in December of 2014.
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