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Court Finds Policyholders are Entitled to Bad Faith Discovery

Insurance companies hate producing its claims guidelines, loss ratios, and other relevant documents in bad faith litigation. Recently, a Nebraska federal trial court denied Owners Insurance Company’s request to bifurcate my client’s bad faith claim from its breach of contract claim. This ruling prevents unnecessary costs and delay and will allow the insured its day … Continue Reading

Colorado Joins a Growing List of Jurisdictions Allowing Depreciation of Labor Costs When Determining Actual Cash Value

While I often argue that depreciating labor simply does not make sense, insurers continue to push the question of whether the depreciation of labor costs in Actual Cash Value policies is acceptable. Though several jurisdictions have rejected the depreciation of labor, surprisingly, the recent trend of jurisdictions touching upon the subject has been to allow … Continue Reading

Insurance Coverage in a Winter Wonderland, Part I

Cold and snowy weather during the winter of 2013-2014 set numerous records in many parts of our country. Before the cold and snowy arctic weather could fade out as a distant memory, Mother Nature was back at it—treating some regions to extreme cold and snowy conditions since early fall/ late summer.… Continue Reading

5 tips to make sure your insurance coverage is not voided.

Five tips to make sure your insurance coverage is not voided: When you are shopping for insurance coverage be sure to carefully read the underwriting section of the application. Don’t assume your insurance agent has filled out the correct information for personal questions, including your financial background and prior insurance. Don’t assume your insurance agent … Continue Reading

Survivor to Survivor ListServ Helps Policyholders with the Emotional Side of a Property Loss

Helping policyholders when their home or business has been damaged or destroyed can be especially heart wrenching during the holidays. Due to the way some insurance companies handle claims, some of our corporate clients cannot run their businesses or run them at max efficiency during this holiday season. Many of our homeowners with damaged or … Continue Reading

Understanding What is Unfair When It Comes to Insurance Claims – Carolina Coverage

The leading case on unfair and deceptive trade practices and unfair practices in the settlement of insurance claims, is often cited as Gray v. North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association.1 Let’s break down these two sections of the law. In North Carolina, N.C. G.S. § 58–63–15(11), specifies the unfair practices in the settlement of insurance claims. … Continue Reading

FAPIA Fall Golf Event: A Little Fun Competition

Players wanted! FAPIA will hold its First Fall Tournament at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club on Friday, November 7, 2015. Want a chance for some friendly competition while enjoying a top course in Orlando? Come on out and take on Chip Merlin, Professional Tour Superstar Shane Smith, Long Driver Will Midtbo and Precision Putter Nicole Vinson. … Continue Reading

Carolina Coverage: Help! My Insurance Company Wants to Drop Me

All too often, policyholders contact us when their residential or commercial carriers send a notice that they will no longer provide insurance coverage. It is critically important that all insureds understand the major difference between an insurance company canceling a current policy and a notice of non-renewal. Every policyholder should carefully study any written notifications … Continue Reading

People’s Trust Claims Everybody Wins with its “Reinvented” Insurance, but Policyholders Disagree

Homeowners are not happy with People’s Trust Insurance Company, but its advertising hasn’t stopped in the Tampa area. While many new policies in Broward, West Palm, and Miami were dropped just after policyholders locked in, others with this insurance company are sounding off about their bad claim experiences.… Continue Reading

Financial Data from the Office of Insurance Regulation May Surprise You

Each year the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) publishes an Annual Report for the prior year pursuant to Florida Statute Section 624.315. I was researching another issue when I thought this would be a good blog post. This report briefly describes OIR roles and responsibilities, summarizes major activities and accomplishments, and highlights the state … Continue Reading

Florida Public Adjusters Pay It Forward Campaign

Members of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) have been representing policyholders with insurance claims since the association was formed after Hurricane Andrew but now the adjusters are taking on a new role to help Floridians. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters announced this week it is launching the Public Adjusters Pay It … Continue Reading

Public Adjusters – Plan to be in Orlando on Tuesday

The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) will convene in Orlando for a special meeting on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, from 5:00-7:00pm. Paul Handerhan will present to the association from the Embassy Suites North. FAPIA will bring you a comprehensive presentation addressing the issues that have a direct impact on the public adjuster industry, … Continue Reading