The North Dakota Insurance Department (“NDID”) regulates insurance companies and provides and promotes the “public good by fairly and effectively administering the laws of North Dakota.”1 One way it does this is by investigating consumer complaints of wrongdoing by insurance companies, agencies, and agents. If you think that your claim has been delayed, unfairly denied, or otherwise poorly handled, you can file a complaint with NDID requesting an investigation.
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Merlin Law Group knowledge manager Ruck DeMinico sent me recent North Dakota legislation pertaining to Assignment of Benefit contacts. This topic was also hotly debated two weeks ago at the Windstorm Insurance Conference in Orlando. Insurance restoration contractors, their lobbyists and attorneys are desperately trying to prevent any changes that would make such contracts more difficult to enter into or enforce. The insurance lobbyists and their public relation firms are doing everything they can to show contractors and their lawyers as evil and greedily taking advantage of the public trust.
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