New Jersey public adjusters face an Insurance Commission that will closely look for every “T” to be crossed and “I” to be dotted when it comes to analyzing a public adjuster contract. The Insurance Commission has fined public adjusters hundreds of thousands of dollars for very “picky” issues. For any public adjusters doing business in New Jersey, be sure to follow the spirit and fine lines of the law.  

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If you have not been to the Jersey Shore in the summer, you have missed out. My mother grew up in Philadelphia and always talked about going to the New Jersey beaches in the summertime. Following Superstorm Sandy in 2012, I lived and worked in New Jersey and greater New York City.
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The Professional Public Adjusters Association of New Jersey is having its Spring Event on May 12, 2021, at the Hotel LBI in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. As per the usual structure of these events, attendees are eligible for up to four credit hours of Continuing Education recognized in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
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What do I do and think about while waiting for crazy path Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Eta to flood my home in Tampa? How about being in New Jersey where my public adjuster friends will be meeting next week with what appears to be a ‘can’t miss” educational seminar.
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Occasionally, an attorney representing an insured will run into a Motion to Compel Appraisal filed by the carrier’s attorney. Upon receipt of the motion, a few considerations must be made with the most important being:

  1. Is the demand for appraisal timely? and
  2. Is appraisal proper considering the “amount of loss”?
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New Jersey does not have a fee-shifting statute. Coupled with the high-standard a policyholder’s property damage litigator must prove for bad faith, there is not much in the form of a deterrent to halt insurance companies continuing delay, deny, defend tactics once the claim is in litigation. Over the past few years, I have seen this also result in certain carriers seemingly making it a trend to file counterclaims against insureds.
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In a recent Opinion,1 the New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed a large grocery store cooperative’s $12 million trial award against its insurance broker for coverage advice that allegedly left its stores exposed to millions of dollars in Superstorm Sandy damage.
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Holly Soffer wrote a guest blog yesterday, COVID-19 and The New Jersey Assembly Bill 3844, which concerned a bill that would retroactively void the “virus” exclusion and potentially open up the business income loss, extra expense, and civil authority coverages under commercial policies to those businesses with less than 100 employees. I summarily dismissed this bill in, Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Update—Politicians Becoming Involved. But this involves New Jersey, and as one great sports commentator reminds us about our opinions, “not so fast, my friend.”
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NOTE: This guest blog post is by Holly Soffer, Esq., a policyholder attorney and General Counsel to the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

While many of us are working at home, we have more time to spend analyzing and contemplating the roles of the government and the insurance industry in responding to the coronavirus crisis. This blog post is an extension of that opportunity.
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Back in November of 2019, Chip, Jesse Sipe, Brett Rosen and I met with New Jersey Commissioner Marlene Caride and her team in Trenton. The meeting was very informative and a good start to hopefully a long-standing relationship between the Professional Public Adjusters Association of New Jersey, the plaintiff’s Bar, and the Commissioner’s office.
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