The “Suit Against Us” provision is typically found in the “Conditions” section of a homeowners insurance policy. This provision explains to an insured when he or she can initiate a lawsuit against the insurance carrier. However, the timeline reflected in the provision may not be enforceable as certain states do not allow the insurance policy to conflict with the state’s Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract Actions.
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“Protecting Delawareans through regulation and education while providing oversight of the insurance industry to best serve the public” is the motto of the Delaware Department of Insurance. Trinidad Navarro has been Delaware’s Insurance Commissioner since 2016.
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Our next stop as we tour the claims handling guidelines of the 50-states is the First state, Delaware. I have never spent a lot of time in Delaware but I do have a fondness for it. When I was young, I was fortunate enough to have a family home on the Delaware Bay about a mile from the Cape May Ferry. On a clear night, we could see the lights in Lewes, Delaware and I always imagined taking my little sunfish sailboat across the bay to visit (I never did).
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What is the proper scope of appraisal in property insurance claims? This is a common question and the answer is quite different depending on who you ask. Over fourteen years ago the District of Delaware analyzed the scope of appraisal and the opinion is still frequently sighted by parties advocating for the determination of causation in appraisal.

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Keeping with the theme of looking at total loss standards across the union, I turn my attention this week to Delaware. While Delaware was more fortunate in avoiding catastrophic destruction than nearby states New Jersey and New York, it is still important to have a solid grasp of what a total loss really is in case devastation strikes.

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