(Note: This guest blog is by Liberty Ritchie, a Licensed Legal Intern in our Oklahoma City office)

The Arizona Department of Insurance (ADI) “helps insurance consumers resolve disputes that are within the Department’s jurisdiction, and…investigate apparent violations of Arizona law.”1 Specifically, the Investigations Division of the ADI investigates consumer complaints of wrongdoing by insurance companies, agencies, and agents, and the Market Oversight Division more broadly examines companies’ marketing and claim settlement practices. If you think that your claim has been delayed, unfairly denied, or otherwise poorly handled, you can file a complaint with the ADI requesting an investigation.
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Throughout my years at Merlin Law Group, I have noticed a troubling pattern with insurance carriers: denying claims based on confusing and ambiguous policy language. Perhaps you are challenging a continuous seepage or leakage exclusion or a protective safeguard requirement on your collectibles. It is unlikely the policy defines “seepage” “leakage” or what qualifies as a protective safeguard. However, the Arizona courts and Legislature have brought some clarity to interpreting these unclear provisions.
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Arizona has a strong interest in ensuring its residents are made whole for injuries sustained while in Arizona. Bryant v. Silverman, 146 Ariz. 41, 47, 703 P.2d 1190, 1196 (1985). Toward that end, it allows for injured plaintiffs to recover all damages caused by a tortfeasor, including economic and emotional damages. Rawlings v. Apodaca, 151 Ariz. 149, 161, 726 P.2d 565, 577 (1986).
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Existing Arizona law allows recovery of emotional distress and mental anguish damages in cases of property damage. The Arizona Court of Appeals has already ruled in at least two different cases that when a person sustains loss to property, that person may recover emotional distress damages even if the tortfeasor did not intentionally cause the distress, and even though the distress is not severe. Farr v. Transamerica Occidental Life Ins. Co., 145 Ariz. 1, 7, 699 P.2d 376, 382 (App. 1984).
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Public adjusters play a critical role in claims adjudication process and can often serve as the policyholder’s ally in getting claims disputes resolved prior to litigation. The Arizona Revised Statutes define “Adjuster” as any person who for compensation, fee or commission either:
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