I want to thank everyone who helped us achieve a hard fought victory in my August 30th primary for the Florida House of Representatives. My law firm colleagues have been with me every step of this journey. They never wavered in their support and were there to offer whatever assistance I needed on my cases. In addition, my friends with FAPIA put their blood, sweat and tears into this campaign. Not only did they help me to gather the necessary resources to run a winning campaign, they personally came to Tampa and got their hands (and shoes dirty).

I can’t begin to thank them enough to walking door to door and waving signs in the Tampa heat. To all my colleagues and friends who helped us achieve this victory…THANK YOU!

However, a campaign is only the first step. Now the hard work begins. The platform that I ran on and the promises that I made to my constituents will guide me during my time as their Representative. I look forward to serving and looking out for the best interests of House District 61 and all Floridians. I also remain committed to representing our clients here at Merlin Law Group and continuing my advocacy for Florida’s policyholders. As always, if you have ideas or just want to reach out, please do so at sshaw@merlinlawgroup.com

Thank you!

Meanwhile, I guess it’s time to start learning about my new role!

  • As far as Public Adjusting laws we need a law that puts our company’s name on the checks and some solution needs to be sought after for the catch 22 of the mortgage company’s name on the check as well. The mortgage companies want Public Adjusters to endorse the check and without payment. If there was a law for the Carrier to issue the Public Adjuster’s check directly then that would solve this problem. That’s one issue. Another issue is the 10% fee cap during state of emergency. We literally have to decide whether to help people and lose money or not help people and go help businesses only, where there is no fee cap. This ridiculous law hurts your Floridians.

  • Scott deLuise

    Congratulations, Sean! Consumers and taxpayers in general will benefit greatly from your knowledge and experience in the property insurance area.