Answer: Stupid ducks did not fly South for Winter and Chip Merlin flew from Kansas City to New Jersey on Monday night. Here are the ducks on ice in New Jersey:

Ducks on Ice

What can those in the claims industry learn from this?

1. It gets cold in many parts of the Country during the Winter.

2. Many forget it gets cold and fail to take that into consideration when adjusting claims.

3. Restoration slows almost to a halt when it gets bitterly cold.

4. Periods of restoration extend during winter weather.

5. Many aspects of restoration, primarily roof repair, should not be undertaken in the Winter.

6. Snow and ice delay everything and increase all costs following loss. Estimates and Critical Paths of loss should rise and lengthen anticipating winter.

7. Those from different venues should try to put themselves in the shoes of those living through catastrophes, thinking about what it will be like months after a disaster.

8. Some ducks and attorneys get stuck in precarious situations because they do not pay attention to what is going on around them. So, don’t stick with dumb ducks before it is too late for you as well. And even the smartest attorneys go in the wrong direction occasionally; they need to remain humble and listen to where others, especially smart young associate attorneys and clients, suggest they go.

Positive Thought for the Day:

Other people matter. But few of them are mind readers. Let them know that they matter. They may benefit. And you certainly will.

— Professor Christopher Peterson, "Pursuing the Good Life"

And if you are stuck in the Northeast on a Snow Day, here is a classic Rolling Stones song about “cold” that may warm you up:



  • Mike Rump

    Those aren’t Ducks. They are Canadian Geese!!! Hehehehehe!!

  • Chip Merlin


    You and a few others have correctly pointed this out to me. Last night, I noticed it as well but the title sounds better with Ducks than Geese.

    Craig Speck thinks the Geese and Ducks from the Jersey Shore stick around because he says they are “cold blooded.”

    Maybe Ducks and Geese from that area have something in common with some claims adjusters we know.

  • Foggy World

    Compared to Canada, NJ is the tropics. I was born in Toronto and enjoy the ever so much warmer climate here and with boots can join my cold blooded friends on the ice which is almost like magic for all of us.

    Mallards, too, stick around and they are not stupid for doing so. All the food and water they need is right here and flying south takes tremendous energy that don’t like to waste.

    This year they are having a real treat. There are so many abandon houses around that they are now becoming accustomed to having couches and beds and the really lucky ones have figured out how to get into the food cabinets.

    They may be cold blooded but trust me, they are as warm hearted as can be and along with my St. Bernard who they are friendly with, we all have enjoyed this break in “global warming?”

  • Erv Bartlett

    Chip, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but those are Canadian Geese not ducks.

  • Chip Merlin


    I hear you and agree. We have ducks and geese on the iced pond by our Red Bank, New Jersey office. This pic only had the geese.

  • Shirley Heflin

    Dear Chip:

    As an avid birdwatcher, I can’t tell you how big my smile got upon seeing the picture above. :)

    Just the other day I was thinking how resilient animals – specifically birds – must be and I wondered how they “made it” in the cold weather. Mind you, I was driving home in the cold weather here in Tampa and my thought processes weren’t even processing cold weather that entailed snow, ice, etc.

    Shirley Heflin
    (Tampa, Fla.)

  • Don Phillips


    I think the geese got lost looking for the George Washington Bridge exit.

    Don Phillips