You know you are getting older when people start asking you to perform honorary deeds rather than substantive ones. I thought about that after swearing in Kelly Kubiak and then Craig Kubiak to the New Jersey Bar.

Here are some photos of the ceremonies performed by yours truly.

Attorneys hate taking bar examinations. The experience is so painful the vast majority of my brethren do it once and then silently swear they will never take another test again. The longer one practices law with only one state license, they less likely they will voluntarily take another examination. Busy attorneys with good practices have to relearn everything and a little more. It is almost a masochistic endeavor.

Kelly Kubiak is from Toms River, New Jersey. She worked on the Boardwalk. She has friends and family that were impacted by the wrath of Superstorm Sandy. She is also one of the hardest working and busy attorneys in our firm. Her tenacity results in wins for her clients and success for herself. I can still hear her occasionally scream with delight after getting a favorable ruling or finding the crucial fact deciding an important issue. I am lucky to be able to practice with her.

Craig Kubiak joined the firm after seeing the success of Kelly. He is a seasoned trial attorney. Craig Kubiak and I flew up and down the Jersey Shore in a helicopter shortly after the storm. He was moved and encouraged me to open an office in New Jersey and see what we could do to help. I am lucky to have him on our team.

And so it goes! Just as we are filing suit after suit on denied or delayed Hurricane Sandy claims, the experienced cavalry with years of doing these types of claims is coming to help. Thank goodness, because New Jersey policyholders need battle-hardened fighters like Kelly and Craig Kubiak.