Insurance advertisements have never been more entertaining. While perusing the net for information regarding Safeco and Liberty Mutual, I came across a number of insurance company television advertisements. We often use ad firms to find and pull the ads of some of our opponent insurers. It can be done cheaply through YouTube.

Nationwide’s "Life Comes at You Fast" campaign had a number of hilarious ads. We use one of my favorites to show that insurers expect many losses to be caused by unique and multiple chains of events which should not give rise to an excluded occurrence:

I bet Allstate would think twice about using the "neglect" exclusions in its policies if it was reminded of this very funny commercial: 

But these commercials were not always so entertaining, as this older Allstate commercial demonstrates:

I intend to use the words and message of this ad when Liberty Mutual and Safeco claims adjusters fail to act in the manner they advertise:

And the message by Liberty Mutual is not just "puffing," as the following video demonstrates:

Finally, there is a very funny video with a great point about not judging too quickly–a great thought to remember as we start out this fantastic year.