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Allstate Voids Policy and is Awarded Damages Due to Policyholder Misrepresentations

On November 22, 2016, Judge Berle M. Schiller from the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued his Opinion and Order in Payne v. Allstate Insurance Company, granting summary judgment to Allstate and awarding them $25,000 in damages, after finding that the Plaintiff made material misrepresentations while securing the homeowners policy.… Continue Reading

Grandson Residing on Property Was an “Insured” for Purposes of Policy’s “Intentional Loss” Exclusion

In property insurance coverage disputes, whether or not someone is considered an “Insured” depends on a variety of factors. The first step is to look to the language of the governing insurance policy to see how an “Insured” is defined. Often, however, the answer to this question turns on the facts surrounding any given claim … Continue Reading

Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Bad Faith Claim Where Adjuster Instructed Insured to Secure Roof with Tarp and Insured Suffered Injuries

In a recent Memorandum Order out of the Western District of Pennsylvania, Selmek v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company,1 a State Farm adjuster requested that the insured assist her in inspecting a damaged roof and securing it from further damage. Carl and Amy Selmeks’ home and detached garage (located 100 yards away from the … Continue Reading

Disagreement Over Scope of Damage NOT a Valid Objection to Appraisal Demand in Pennsylvania

We frequently field requests from public adjusters and clients concerning appraisal and scope of damages. The situation arises when appraisal is demanded by the insured and the carrier objects, arguing that appraisal is only for issues of price and cannot be invoked unless there is an agreed upon scope of damage. This notion was soundly … Continue Reading

Breach of Contract, Bad Faith & Statutes of Limitation in Pennsylvania – Part 1

As my colleague, Denise Sze, pointed out in her recent blog post, “When Does a ‘Date of Loss’ Actually Manifest in California,” for both the policyholders and the attorneys representing them, the statute of limitations of a claim is extremely important. In Pennsylvania, Title 42 Pa.C.S.A. §5225, sets the limitations on time for bringing suit … Continue Reading