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Homeowners’ Credit Rating Can Make Insurance Premiums Significantly Higher

Often without being aware, many policyholders could be paying more for their homeowners insurance than their neighbors, even if both properties maintain identical coverage with the same insurance carrier. How could this be true, you might ask? A recent study reports that homeowners with poor credit typically pay 91% more for homeowners’ insurance than people … Continue Reading

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Questions? Roadmap to Recovery Workshops Provide Answers

Superstorm Sandy raises a bunch of questions for many policyholders wondering if they are receiving the insurance benefits they are owed and how to go assert their rights to those benefits. I was asked by United Policyholders Executive Director Amy Bach to speak and answer those questions at a Roadmap to Recovery Workshop next Monday in … Continue Reading

Contents Inventory Smart Phone App and Documenting Your Personal Property, Part II

Last week’s post featured the new smart phone app that helps insureds quickly capture information needed to document their personal property before a loss. This week, I have written about the organization that created the app — The National Association of Insurance Commissioners — and their recent connection with United Policyholders.… Continue Reading

Insurance Coverage Decreases But Premiums Increase

Yesterday, Emmett Pierce of Insure.com reported on a topic that affects policyholders and public adjusters nationwide. In Vanishing Act: Your Home Insurance Coverage Is Disappearing, Amy Bach, the executive director United Policyholders, discussed the nationwide trend of insurance companies offering less and charging more. Steven Venook, the president of Florida’s Advocate Claims Services, provided a … Continue Reading

Fourmile Canyon Fire Victims in Colorado Need More Help From Their Insurance Carriers, Part I

Last September, a devastating fire roared through Boulder County, Colorado. The 7000 acre blaze devastated the area and many properties were damaged or destroyed. One policyholder recently expressed his frustrations with the insurance claim for his fire damage to reporter Dayle Cedars with 7News in Denver. Although spared from losing his home, Joshua Onysko, has … Continue Reading

Masood Khan Explains Specifically Why a Public Adjuster Adds Value to a Policyholder’s Claim

United Policyholders recently published portions of Masood Khan’s interview with Amy Bach in its summer newsletter. Chip Merlin wrote about this interview in his post, “Greenspan Public Adjuster Interviewed About Unauthorized Public Adjusting”. Many of the readers posted comments in response to the information provided by Khan about non-public insurance adjusters adjusting losses for the … Continue Reading

Greenspan Public Adjuster Interviewed About Unauthorized Public Adjusting

Amy Bach, the Executive Director of United Policyholders recently interviewed public adjuster Masood Khan. In United Policyholders’ summer newsletter, Khan, a vice president of The Greenspan Company Adjusters International, was interviewed regarding a number of important topics. One of the more controversial comments he made will be of concern with accounting firms, consultants and contractors. Masood Khan … Continue Reading

Life’s Lessons Impact My View on Insurance Law and Policyholder Advocacy: Correcting Friday’s Blog and Giving Credit

As you read this post, consider these life lessons: You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes, well, You just might find you get what you need and DON QUIXOTE Hand over that golden helmet! BARBER But this is a shaving basin! DON QUIXOTE Shaving basin! Know thou not what this … Continue Reading

Amy Bach and United Policyholders Supports Mississippi Insurance Protections

Amy Bach and others with United Policyholders provide a longtime and steadfast consumer protection organization devoted solely to the interests of policyholders. With extensive experience and appreciation of how much legislation can impact insurance coverage and claims, Bach provides a unique perspective with expertise on a national level concerning insurance policy and insurance regulation. Policyholders need more … Continue Reading

Law Requiring Insurer Honesty and Transparency Would Reduce Litigation and Should Be Followed as a Standard of Good Faith Claims Handling

Amy Bach of United Policyholders commented on yesterday’s post, The Obligation of Good Faith Claims Handling and Policyholders’ Perceptions of Why it Does Not Happen, She wrote: “As usual, great point Chip. I helped write and pass a law in California that allows claimants to obtain claim related documents during the adjustment process. We tried to … Continue Reading

United Policyholders Continues its Good Work

I received the United Policyholders newsletter today. It is full of valuable information to policyholders with a variety of different concerns. While many individuals are concerned about hurricanes, the newsletter covers a myriad of topics. For example, the current newsletter highlights issues involving wildfires.… Continue Reading