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Property Insurance 101 Webinar

As the Chair of the Property Insurance Law Committee for the American Bar Association I am excited to announce and invite you to attend our 90-minute audio webinar: Property Insurance 101 ! Covering topics such as insurable interest, policy language, exclusions, endorsements, limitations, and bad faith, the program is a great refresher for any seasoned … Continue Reading

Impossibility of Performance Does Not Excuse an Insurer from Appraisal

The appraisal process is to provide a plain, speedy, inexpensive and just determination to an insurance dispute. However, as many first party property lawyers and homeowners have experienced, appraisal is not necessarily speedy, inexpensive or just. In fact, many times the insurer will refuse to participate in the appraisal process requiring the insured to bring … Continue Reading

Supplemental Insurance Claims – Insureds Beware of Requirements Outside the Policy

Supplemental claims are becoming more common, especially on large projects where additional loss and damage may be discovered while completing the repairs or replacement. But what happens when the insurance company places conditions or limitations not contained within the policy upon the submission of a supplemental claim for additional or missed damages?… Continue Reading

Insurance Coverage and the Risk of Purchasing a Vacant Building

Buildings that are vacant or unoccupied for extended periods of time present an increased risk of damage from theft and vandalism, especially in an urban setting such as Chicago. Recognizing this increased risk, most property insurance policies contain a vacancy provision which excludes coverage for losses resulting from vandalism, theft and other specified hazards if … Continue Reading